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MH370 is at ‘bottom of Indian Ocean’ ?


INVESTIGATORS searching for missing flight MH370 reportedly now fear the aircraft is sitting at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. 
The claim comes on the heels of revelations by the Wall Street Journal that MH370 sent out intermittent ‘pings’ transmitting the aircraft’s altitude, speed and location for up to five hours after it vanished from civilian radar screens.

The WSJ reported that the final ping was sent from over the ocean, at a ‘normal’ cruising altitude, five hours after MH370 took off.

“There is probably a significant likelihood” that the aircraft is now on the bottom of the Indian Ocean a US official told CNN this afternoon.

Chinese state news agency Xinhua is reporting tonight that a Chinese seismology and research group detected an “earthquake wave” in waters between Malaysia and Vietnam at about 2.55am local time last Saturday.

“The sea floor event could have been caused by the plane possibly plunging into the sea,” the group told Xinhua.

“The strength of the earthquake wave indicates the plunge was catastrophic.”

The area is 116 km northeast from where contact with MH370 was lost and is considered a non-seismic region.

The CNN source revealed that Malaysian authorities believe several ‘pings’ from the plane’s service data system, known as ACARS, were transmitted to satellites in the four to five hours after the last transponder signal, suggesting the plane flew to the Indian Ocean.

“That information, combined with known radar data and knowledge of fuel range leads officials to believe the plane may have made it to the Indian Ocean, which is in the opposite direction of MH370’s original route, which heighten fears of a terror hijacking, or bizarre action by the pilots,” the report said.

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