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Last night a small gathering among Sponsors Committee for Kelantan Chess Association was held at Emirates Kopitiam. The gathering's main objective was to discuss on chess activities which will be organised under PCNK once the incorporation is finalised. An Official blog of PCNK will be on web very-very soon...

Brief on PCNK's Sponsor Committee

The efforts was actually a continuation to the previous efforts by various parties to reactivate the PCNK. However, due to several problems, previous attempts were not materialised. In February 2010, A team of committed Sponsors led by En. Wan Ismail agreed to make another move to realize PCNK. Among other sponsors include Nasrul Humaimi, Nik Ahmad Farouqi, Nik Zaharuddin, Mohd Azizul, En. Nadzri Hamzah, Cikgu Saufi, Cikgu Nik Azrihan and myself.

We had organised several meetings before and currently the application for reactivation of PCNK is already at final phase and being processed by the Sport Commission of Malaysia. Hopefully, it will be approved soon.

Among important and coming soon activity is the selection tourney for National Closed 2010. Tentatively, the selection will be held on 14-15 May 2010. The selection is opened for Kelantan Based players only. The detail of the event will be posted on the new PCNK Blog soon...:)

After the brief discussion, we had "friendly blitz" seesions. - BADBISHOPS

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